My name is Peter Blythe, I am an acoustic Artist/Composer from Telford in England. My stage name is 'Pop Punk Pete'.

I have been singing since I was very young and played the guitar for around four or five years. I was taught by my Grandad Michael Broster who is great at playing multiple instruments and also good at recording.

Previous musical experiences

Before I went on to do this solo project I had been in a few bands, most of them were just minor experiences (never the less all my experiences have contributed to where I am now). 

One of my best musical experiences was during a period when I went to The Brunts school in Mansfield (Nottinghamshire). It was a band that I formed with other students at the school. The members of the band were: James Cooke - Guitarist, Miles Kent - Guitarist, Gill Hallam - Drums, David Cooke (James's dad) - Bass Guitar, and I was the vocalist.

We played many gigs and concerts including a trip to Poland to perform in the European Youth Union as well as competing in a battle of the bands competition at a popular local pub called The Diamond.​​



Plans for the future

My plans for the future involving music are to gain a substantial fan base, become successful in selling recorded music, perform at exciting venues, make popular videos and make people happy with my music.

My plans for the future involving work are to become more successful and develop in my job, take on new opportunities and experience different areas of work and become successful in something that makes me happy.

Other future aspirations involve falling in love one day, making my family and friends proud through what I do, continuing to find my true self and grow as a person and going on to experience exciting and exhilarating new things.